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To modern workers, WORK equals to LIFE in many ways. Among the most essential parts of life are communication and interaction with other workers. 


So the lobby serves as a place that can foster such communication and interaction in CIT. By cooperating with organizations from all industries, CIT holds all kinds of events, activities, forums, exhibitions and etc. in the lobby.



Located at the main hall of former Zhongshan Soccer Stadium, the lobby integrates its former old-style arches with graffitis and installation arts. The lobby provides space (240 sq. meters) that can be rented and used for any activities or events.

Lobby 座落於原足球場建體的入場大廳。延續附有花雕的特色舊拱門,結合塗鴉與裝置設計,提供近 80 坪的空間作為交流使用。

大廳 final-01.png

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Office Unit


Long-tern rental. Suitable for 8 or more people within a team

提供長期的年租方案,合適 8 人以上團隊進駐


Coworking Space


Desk membership or small room with flexible rental tern. Suitable for individual or a team under 4 people.​


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