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Office Unit


All workers in CIT constitute the “worker community”. To adhere our spirit, the office unit area is designed to be “semi-open”. Just as every city sprawls from its main road, the office unit area has its central pathway, with branches stretching into each private unit. In a private unit, workers can be fully engaged in their tasks, while they still can meet and communicate with each other easily on the central pathway, which runs through the whole area. 

Located underneath the seats of formal Zhongshan Soccer Stadium. Office unit area consists of glass cubicles of 40 to 110 sq. meters each, spaces provided to companies and organizations from any fields or industries. In office unit area, CIT offers conference rooms that meet all kinds of demand, as well as facilities not only necessary but also surprising.

每一位在 CIT 的工作者,都會是工作社群中的一份子。因此為了貫徹理念,我們刻意保持辦公空間相對開放的形式,卻又不至於失去自己的空間。整體進駐區域如同一座城市(town),藉由街道般的中央走道(main street)貫穿整個空間,並透過分支進入各自辦公空間的社區(community)。

Office Unit 落在原足球場建體座位區下方。在不破壞原先挑高且特殊空間結構的特色之餘,以玻璃隔間的形式區隔出 12 ~ 73 坪大小不等的辦公區域。同時提供各種不同需求的會議室,與各式想到/想不到的器材設備。

CIT Office Units

CIT-1F-2F_工作區域 1.png

1. CIT provides office units in different sizes.


2.The price above is pre-taxed and includes fees of administrative, utilities, security, sanitation and maintenance.


3. Available sharespaces include: Communal Open Space, Conference Room, Lounge Hall, Tool Room,Shared

     Kitchen, and Shower Room.


4. Member units are allowed to register their companies with the address of CIT. (Paid service)


5. High-speed Wi-Fi, printers, water dispensers, books and magazines are offered.


6. Member units hold the privilege of resources, activities and events in CIT.




Coworking Space


Desk membership or small room with flexible rental tern. Suitable for individual or a team under 4 people.​


2018 June 15.jpg

Event Space



On demand space for your next events, workshop, product launch, or presentation.

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